The Amazing Spider-Man AKA Stan and Niko's Spidey Series COMING SOON

ANYWAYS i want to let you guys to know some of the changes i'll be makeing. I mean original material. I may have mentoind these already but just in case.

Peter is 14 at the begining of the series

Gwen and MJ will only be freinds to pete in the series, i have an idea i want to try :D i wont tell XD

Peter has a smaller bro and an older cousin who is in college, to add some realtiviy for those with annoying siblings XD. But even so peter still feels very alone even with his bro still with him.

Harry wont be peters freind at first, that role will be for Miles Moras and then harry will come in.

The Greek Goddess Arachnie (worlds first spider) is a big thing in the series (this is actully based off the Spider-Man Turn off the Dark musical)

ok thats all im telling for now XD i just want to know what you guys think, please comment, and tell me what you think.