IDK why i post a blog about everything about this series XD why not? Anyways, i feel this story is going to be more of an.. adventure tale. I mean peter is going to be in new york half the time LOL, but i feel more of a character, fun, happy go time, tale with alot of action and spider web swinging but kicking. But i feel that now the peter parker spider-man ended in comics just last month, i feel this is like a.. not really a retelling.. but just a tale of spider-man LOL from begining to end. I just want people to know this story is not about the action, it's about Peter Parker, and his jorney to figure out who he is. It's a story of how a boy becomes a man (not litterly but you know). 

I'm not sure how long the story will be, i've said before maybe age 14-30. But i really don't know and to be honest i don't really want to guess how long the story will be cause this is not a lone fan fic, it's a series. And i won't want it to end for a bit, until it's called for in my opionon. 

OK short blog, but i just wanted to say that XD. SEE YA!