HEY EVERYBODY! I'M STANLEE4EVER, I'm the one who came up with the idea of this. In fact this is my... "vison" of it. Well in my head its still uncomplete, witch is why i got the best to help me write it, one of my freinds who does not want to be named. She is an awsome writer, her and another great freind of mine Wildy has made some great fan fics. 

I decided to post blogs on the progress, and im sorry its takeing so long for the series to start, But i don;t want to rush. 

SO BLOG ONE: The Story... 

We all know the story of how peter became Spider-Man, but i want to revamp the story to a new vison. Like a re-introducing to the world. This is complecated because as you know, Spider-Man is a popular Super Hero so yeah he has been revamped so many times. But i hope to actully accomplish something the other people haven't, the feeling of something "new". To feel that it is a new story yet the same one we love about Spider-Man. 

We also introduce 3 other superheros in this. I won't say who for now but just you wait! Main chacters to go along with spider-Man. 

One other thing i want to say is that were doing this Kung Fu Panda Style.. sorta.

Were taking great aspacts such as Sonics Multiple stories of good and evil, and Kung Fu Pandas lovibal comdy and romance and Action! I also love the story of Kung Fu Panda and its a real good story so i want to play it out like it out like a never ending move. 

The thing about Kung Fu Panda is about its a comedy, but it shows great action, and the story can really hit you heard in the heart, so i love that about the movies, so why not? 

all right i think thats enough.. IM STANLEE4EVER SIGNING OUT