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  • StanLee4Ever

    So I just got done reading the SPIDER-MAN: THE FINAL ADVENTURE mini series, and well I couldn't help but think of the other small story arc that was actually in the main Spider-Man titles called, THE FINAL CHATPER! Both are told in 4 parts, drawing the webs slinger to a CONCLUSION of the Saga!! So which is the better FINAL story for our Web-hero? Well, I'm here to compare and contrast our two finals, and both taking place in a very controversial era with very controversial story lines.

    First off, SPIDER-MAN: THE FINAL CHAPTER!!! This story arc came AFTER the Final Adventure mini series, but I wanted to address this one first because it was the first "FINAL" I've read. The Story Arc was published in the main Spider-Man titles, Part 1 was in…

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  • StanLee4Ever

    Remeber the clone saga. The aunt may dying than coming back, the Spider-clone being the real spidey than back to clone. Kaine, Ben Reilly. Most would agree that it isn't per say the.. best spidey story ever. But it was kinda cool, admittedly. I mean Ben Reilly is a cool character! So is kaine! 

    The Clone saga in my story is going to be three vases. The First Vase will be just one chapter/episode, a special episode, but nothing long. The second vase will occor alot later, and will be a much bigger impact. The 3rd one settles the saga with a finale. I won't give away plot details. But just to say, The ultimate version of Jessica Drew is appearing in the series. For those that don't know, Jessica Drew is Spider-Woman. This is a big event, and …

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  • StanLee4Ever

    Blog 3: An adventure

    January 9, 2013 by StanLee4Ever

    IDK why i post a blog about everything about this series XD why not? Anyways, i feel this story is going to be more of an.. adventure tale. I mean peter is going to be in new york half the time LOL, but i feel more of a character, fun, happy go time, tale with alot of action and spider web swinging but kicking. But i feel that now the peter parker spider-man ended in comics just last month, i feel this is like a.. not really a retelling.. but just a tale of spider-man LOL from begining to end. I just want people to know this story is not about the action, it's about Peter Parker, and his jorney to figure out who he is. It's a story of how a boy becomes a man (not litterly but you know). 

    I'm not sure how long the story will be, i've said be…

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  • StanLee4Ever

    Blog 2: New Characters

    December 28, 2012 by StanLee4Ever

    Yes we WILL Have the same cast and characters as before. Uncle ben, peter, aunt may, gwen, ETC. But 3 new Main Characters we have made for this series.They are sorta peters new freinds, peter hasnt found acceptionce from his peers, but he finds it with a weird group of other mutants. There are not finished up yet, there still is the desgin, look, and some of the personalities and backstory. 

    Redmighty has been a great help, he praticly created the characters... with my help i mean. And i'm also getting aid by another freind Wildloughrhulain, thanks for the help guys!! 


    2 girls, one a human/grasshopper , green skin, grasshoper legs, normal pretty face. And one a Widow…

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  • StanLee4Ever

    Blog 1: The Story

    December 3, 2012 by StanLee4Ever

    HEY EVERYBODY! I'M STANLEE4EVER, I'm the one who came up with the idea of this. In fact this is my... "vison" of it. Well in my head its still uncomplete, witch is why i got the best to help me write it, one of my freinds who does not want to be named. She is an awsome writer, her and another great freind of mine Wildy has made some great fan fics. 

    I decided to post blogs on the progress, and im sorry its takeing so long for the series to start, But i don;t want to rush. 

    SO BLOG ONE: The Story... 

    We all know the story of how peter became Spider-Man, but i want to revamp the story to a new vison. Like a re-introducing to the world. This is complecated because as you know, Spider-Man is a popular Super Hero so yeah he has been revamped so ma…

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