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Welcome to the Stan and Niko's Spidey Series WikiEdit

Welcome to me and Stan's Wiki. Hope you like it here and help out in anyway you can ^_^

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Our Spider-Man SeriesEdit

Hello there!!! This is our wiki! It's about a Spidey series we will be devolving. Our goal is to go for a web fanfic series for a bit. Spideys young lifespan (14-30 or so years old) but we will see.

We are also taking elements from memorable family films like Lion King and Tarzan. Don't worry, this doesn't cease any ACTION!! :D What I mean is that I want to make this more then just a series, I want to make it something people can really feel happy after reading. 

Disclamier Edit

This is a Fan Made series, we do not own the Cast and Characters of Spider-Man. Spider-Man was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, and is owned by MARVEL comics. 

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