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• 2/2/2014

To all whom see this

I do not ask for much in life, except for friendship, love, caringness, kindess, conpassion and acceptance from others, and the same from them in return, for whom they are, but if any person who ignores messages I hath sent to their message walls, truly do not show appreciation for me, as I  show appreciation to them, and for those kind of people, surly they shall be shunned for it. To the Co Founder of this Wiki, I shun thee, for thou hath not responded to thy messages on thou wall, since ye only choose to reply to thy fair lady and not to thy friend. If I am not anything but invisible to thee, then thou art not my friend, thou is only one whom lies and says ye is my friend, but are not my friend. If this is true, then surely our friendship is nothing but dead, but if it is not dead, surly thou can respondeth to thy messages I sent thee on thy Message Wall. But since Stan hath refused to respond to thy messages, and has only messaged thy fair lady, then surly our friendship is nothing but dust blowing in the wind.
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• 5/4/2013

The True meaning of Life

Alot of people have asked in the past, what is the meaning of life? Well the answer to that is very simple, The good news (The Gospel) Is the meaning of life, thus God is the true meaning of life, and we can learn the meaning of life, by reading the Bible (The true Word of God), you won't know the answers yet, but you learn them as you read the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not just by reading it with your physical eyes, but with your spiritual eyes and mind as well, the wisdome of God will bring you to life, life that is wonderful and beautiful, something I have learnt for a long time since December last year
If you've not read the gospel yet, then you don't know the meaning of life yet. But soon as you start, the soon you start to learn and understand the true meaning of life.
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• 4/23/2013

An Announcement to make

Here is my announcement, anyone who bad mouths or gossips about other users behind their backs, even if the gossip or bad mouthing is going on this or another Wiki, its still forbidden, gossip is bad and is only looking for trouble, and bad mouthing people behind their backs, is just as worse as gossping about people behind their backs.
If anyone starts bad mouthing or gossiping about others or you, that you are aware of them doing this, then you best tell them to stop or back off, if that doesn't work, you can report the person to an Administrator about it, and see what they can do, if they keep on going, then you have to sort it out amoungst yourselves. In a Civil way, if possible.
Remember, even though someone is bad mouthing or gossiping about you, don't stoop to their level, turn the other cheek and say "Please don't do that" If that has no affect, ignore the person who is bad mouthing you, and if they keep on doing it, like I said, report them to an Administrator. Hopefully, things will be sorted out with out there being a fight started.
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• 4/20/2013

Made some theme changes

Hey guys, just letting you all know I have made some Wiki Theme changes, hope you like it and if you got any suggestions what you want the Wiki theme to be, feel free to tell me. ^^
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